Amazon Fire App Removal

A Fire OS System Tool

The Mopria Print Service is integrated into Fire OS to provide you with easy mobile printing. It works in the background as a system tool and cannot be uninstalled.


App Icon Removal

If you loaded Google Play, our app auto-updated to the latest version causing the icon to appear on your home screen. You can remove this icon by reverting back to the original system version and turning off auto-updates on Google Play.
Please see the instructions below:


Open Google Play and search for “Mopria”


Tap “OK”

This reverts the Mopria Print Service back to an older version without the icon.

UNINSTALL option will disappear


Go to Play Store App Settings

Tap on “Settings”

Tap “Auto-update apps”

Tap “Do not auto-update apps”

This will also turn off auto-updates for all other Google Play apps.