Alliance FAQ

Print From Android 8 and Higher FAQ

Android 8 and higher devices are ready to print – no setup necessary!

Mobile printing is built in. You have core printing capability using the Default Print Service on your Android device, without needing to install a print service or download a mobile printing app.

Android Default Print Service
(version 8.0 and higher)

Mopria Print Service


Number of Copies

Two-sided Printing


Page Print Range

Media Size

Media Type




Tray Selection




Finishing Options


PIN Printing




Borderless Printing


Print Quality


Large Format Media Sizes for PDF

Secure PIN Printing


Secure Authentication


Printer Info and Status


Discovery (e.g., aggregated packets)

Android for Work Support


Manually Add Printer

Wi-Fi Direct Print

Android 9, 10 and 11

Secure Print (IPPS)

IPPS if available

Share-to-Print Images & PDFs

Android 11

Share-to-Print Office, TIFF & Text Files, Web Pages


Dark Mode

Android 10 and 11

Android 10 and 11


By default, your Android 8 and higher device supports all printers that are Mopria certified. Your Android device will automatically discover any nearby Mopria certified printer.

See the full list of Mopria certified printers here.

Core mobile print functions are available with Android’s Default Print Service. For the full range of mobile print features, download the Mopria Print Service app to your Android device.

With an Android 8 and higher device, you can print more than just PDFs, photos, email messages, and office documents. In fact, you can print from any mobile app that has a Print button.


For additional help once you've started printing from your Android device, please see for answers to Mopria Print Service FAQs.