Mopria News Mopria Print Service for Enterprise Mobile Printing

Secure and Seamless Mobile Printing

With the Mopria Print Service, employees can connect and print to any Mopria certified printer without having to install printer brand specific apps.

Android devices with the Mopria Print Service app can wirelessly locate and connect with nearby compatible printers on a wireless network or using Wi-Fi Direct. Employees just press print to send business documents, reports, spreadsheets, presentations, webpages, emails and other content to a nearby printer.

Workplace Features

Designed specifically for enterprise users, the Mopria Print Service includes workplace features like punching, folding, stapling, user authentication and accounting features for print cost calculation. Other customizable features include color, number of copies, duplex, paper size, page range, media type and orientation.

Printing Administration

Using the Mopria Print Service, administrators can enforce print policies to ensure printing is always available but remains cost-effective and secure as possible.

  • Using Mopria Print Service, administrators can implement print policies that save money, such as restricting printing only allowing two-sided or monochrome (black and white) printing.
  • For security purposes, administrators can require users to enter a PIN before printing or use an SSL connection when printing.
  • Administrators can track printing behaviors of individual users via User and Account IDs.

Get the Mopria Print Service

You can download the Mopria Print Service app from Google Play or directly from the Mopria website.


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